OBD Bluetooth

$ 40

  • A powerful personal tool to connect and track your car
  • Convert into a connected car using your mobile
  • Record not just location – get to know the engine health
  • Save money by using advanced fleet management solutions
  • Turn off car tracking and log only when you need
  • Improve fuel efficiency, track car and driver performance
  • A complete car management solution at a low cost!

This device connects you with your car through the diagnostics port called as OBD port available in most modern cars as a standard. The data from the car is sent through Bluetooth (BT) and can be read by any BT-enabled device (for example, smart phones) can read the data being streamed when the car is in motion. The mobile phone apps are offered completely FREE and they send the data to a cloud server. You can access this data anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Suitable for most cars and vans

On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) was introduced in the early 80’s and it refers to a car’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. Modern cars provide real-time data from the car’s computer in addition to a standardized series of diagnostic trouble codes. It is a completely free information about the health of the car’s engine and various sub-systems. The amount of information varies between cars and models but the most important data to analyse the health of the car is available for most modern vehicles.

Tracars 101 model allows collecting the real-time data and stream them into your mobile phone through our app. The app also serves as a tool to get important data to manage your fleet – whether you own a single car or a fleet, you connect with each of them. The device can be easily installed and removed so you are in complete control over when and where you want to track a car or a van.

Main Features...

  • Easy to install, remove and move to another car or van
  • Control the data collection by app only when you want
  • Currently our app is available only for Android devices
  • Location obtained by the GPS sensor of the mobile phone
  • Maintain electronic book-keeping of costs, trips, reminders
  • Improve the safety and performance of both car and driver
  • No other equipment other than your mobile phone required
  • No other costs for hardware is involved for a total peace of mind
  • Modern fleet management for personal use at a low cost!