Benefit from our connected car technologies integrated with an advanced fleet management platform

One Stop Solution

Access all your expenses (including receipts), maintenance records, reminders easy anytime, anywhere.

Electronic records

Available within seconds at anytime and anywhere you need. Don't search files and waste time!

Advanced analytics

Real-time monitoring of costs and performance updated automatically. The latest tools that give you edge over others.

Reports on demand

Compile accurate reports on expenses, performance trends, data for tax filing, customers, management, etc with the least effort.


Trip tracking

Know your vehicle usage accurately using our advanced features – track in real time or analyse history using mobile and web apps.

Safe and secure

Safety and security of data are very important to us – you own your data! We apply the latest technology to ensure this commitment.

Web Application Features

    Social Accounts

    Easy to log-in using social network accounts (Google, Facebook, Yahoo & Twitter)

    Own account using e-mail

    Create your own account using e-mail address and password

    Five motors access free

    Five free motors (Car, Van, Motorbike, Truck, etc) with the complete features

    Fully functioning Demo

    A fully functioning Demo account for exploring the site. Replace this with your own details and it is free to carry on using the site!

    No card required for signup

    Credit card is not required for signing up and exploring the complete set of features.

    Add as many vehicles

    Add as many vehicles as you need. You can add time based ones such as boats, generators, etc too along with automobiles.

    User-friendly dashboard

    A simple user-friendly dashboard showing all key information at one place.

    Cloud storage for document

    All details such as registration document, service records, insurance certificates, purchase documents, lease documents, garage or mechanic information, etc can be stored for each motor separately.

    Backup receipts

    Enter all types of expenses fuel, service, tax, insurance, etc including a copy of receipts

    Next Fuel due

    Forecast the likely date for the next fuel fill-up based on average consumption.

    Compare performance all motor

    Easily compare the performance of all motors using charts, graphs and reports.

    Reminder for service

    Set reminders for service in advance following manufacturer's recommended service schedule. Also, regular reminders such as annual tax, insurance, vehicle tests (MOT), etc can be set for automatic reminder nearer the date it is due.

    Easy customization of expense

    Easy customization of expense types and various other settings (miles, km, gallons, liter, etc)

    Communicate with your friends

    Interact and communicate with your friends and community directly with each other or post public questions/comments.

    Share your knowledge

    Share your knowledge, give advice, and comment with your views.

Mobile App Features

Calculations & Conversions

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litre gallon

km m

litre gallon

km m

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