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Trip tracking

    Trip tracking helps to view the vehicle usage history accurately. It can help in optimising the vehicle usage especially for a fleet. It can help even for a small number of vehicles by providing an accurate picture of their usage and can help with making decisions such as owning vs. leasing on demand. Various filters are available to quickly visualise the data in different ways.

    The Start and End location for each trip, the duration, distance travelled and the average fuel cost spent for each trip is provided. Such accurate data can help with cost management your business (distribution and vehicle management costs are significant for most businesses!).

    A consolidated summary of the Total number of trips, Total distance travelled, Total duration in that particular date range, etc along with the map provides a clear view of the vehicle usage for own use or for providing the same to the customers.

    Geo-fencing alerts provide immediate notification when the vehicle travels beyond its authorised limit. The exact route travelled by the vehicle is shown in a map.